Frequently Asked Questions

What permission do I need to submit my tenant’s payment history to Rent Tracker?

To submit data to us you must have obtained in advance the permission of the tenant for whom you are submitting data. If you have used a licenced and competent referencing company such as Landlord Secure then it's possible they have obtained such permission, however you must ensure this is in place prior to sharing any information with us.

What happens if I need to correct the information I have entered?

Once you have submitted your information you will have a window of up to 60 days in which to change and edit the data you have supplied to us. Once the data is submitted to Equifax then you will not be able to edit it.

How soon will the rent payment detail show on the tenant's credit file?

We have agreed with Equifax that data submitted will be shown on the credit file within 3 months so that we can ensure the data is correct and accurate over a period of time.

What do I do if my tenant misses their rent payment?

You will follow your normal procedures and update their record on Rent Tracker.

My tenant has settled their rent account in full, what information should I provide?

You can update the tenants record as "Settled."

My tenant has now moved out, can I delete their details?

Yes,you can remove the tenants details.

What is the benefit of providing details to Rent Tracker?

The tenant can be seen to be meeting a monthly rental commitment alongside their other Financial commitments. Non-Paying or Late Paying tenants will gain a negative effect by not paying their rent, this may affect their future credit status.

I believe my landlord is giving you false information, what can I do?

Call us on 0161 413 3452 and we will investigate the matter and take the appropriate action.

I am a tenant. How do I get my rent payment history on Rent Tracker?

You will need to give you Landlord permission to share your payment history with us, you cannot submitit yourself.

What type of tenants can be listed on Rent Tracker?

Rent Tracker is open to helping all tenants.

Whose responsibility is it to ensure the data being given to Rent Tracker is true and accurate?

It is the Landlord's or Letting Agent's responsibility to confirm that all data is accurate and true before submitting to us.

I am a landlord. What disclaimer do I need to pass to my tenant when conducting my referencing checks that will suffice also for recording the rent payments with Rent Tracker?

You will need to add to your application process the following or similar: "We" may share with credit reference agencies your future rent payment performance, this may affect your future credit status. Please do not give us your permission to proceed unless you can agree to this. We will ask you to confirm that you have this declaration when adding information to Rent Tracker. I/We can confirm that we have obtained permission from the tenant named above to pass their information onto a credit reference agency. I/We understand that failure to obtain this permission in advance is an offence under The Data Protection Act. I/We can confirm that the information we are providing to Rent Tracker and its partners is true and accurate at the current time. I/we understand that providing false information in a malicious manner may lead to prosecution.

I use a letting agency to conduct my reference checks. Will they have advised the tenant about passing rent payment data on to Rent Tracker?

You will need to contact the Letting agent to find this out.